What does the color of your ink say about you?

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Have you ever wondered what the color of your ink says about you?

Maybe you don’t give your selection of ink color  a second thought, but some people do choose their ink to match their emotions, whether on purpose or subconsciously.  Whereas other may tailor it to suit the  nature of their correspondence.

Blue ink: Perhaps the most common color of ink.  Personality studies show that if you use blue ink, and consider that there are many variables available from the palest sky blue right through to dark midnight blue-blacks, then you are seen as a person with an outgoing type of personality, friendly in nature with a warm and welcoming temperament. Someone who conforms but still has a personality of their own.

Black ink: is there much to say about a person that uses black ink – boring and plain?? Well actually once again studies show some specific characteristics.  You like to be in charge of your own life and destiny – you can be considered dominant – a force to be reckoned with.  This might make you appear to be conservative in your approach to life and just a little uptight.  You rarely show your emotions, and think with your head rather than your heart.  Commonly you may be in a position of authority and firmly on your career path.  

Red ink: Your emotions play an important part in your life – you are passionate and love being the centre of attention.  You are not a shrinking violet and everyone knows exactly how you are feeling from day to day – you wear your emotions along with your heart on your sleeve!  Your life and career may be within the creative and arts fields and you love to experiment and try new things in your life.

We’ve just covered the most common ink colors but there are myriad of colors to choose from to suit you on any particular day!

What is the most common use of ink colors?

Black is typically used for written business correspondence – it portrays a professional image and is often a requirement when signing legal documents and filling out forms.  Many scanning machines also better at picking up black ink.

Blue; most commonly used for day to day and social correspondence. We like to use it at the end of a printed letter to add your personal signature – the blue ink offering a pleasing and clear contrast to the black print.

Red ink, think back to your school days – this vibrant ink is commonly used for correcting errors – and providing warnings!

Green has been used for stocktaking over the years.

Purple ink has often been linked with poetic writing and literature. Through the centuries the color purple has been used to indicate power and sacred knowledge – think of robes for royalty and also those found within the church and religious orders.

What color ink is suitable for condolence cards?

In this instance we feel it’s best to stick to conservative colors. We recommend either black, blue or a blue-black tone. We’re sure you wouldn’t want to inadvertently offend someone during their time of grief by sending a condolence card signed in, for example, bold purple ink.

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